What is the “purpose” of yoga?

What would you define as the purpose of yoga? Why do we do it/what does it provide for us? Is yoga something we “do”?

T.K.V. Desikachar on the purpose of yoga: “the purpose of yoga is to unify the independant actions of the body,breath and mind.”

– I love that! The joining of all these separate parts we are made of coming together for a gathering. I am imagining this as a little party.

Ever been to a party and felt unwell or mentally distracted or just generally would rather be somewhere else? It can feel like you aren‘t fully in the zone, distracted by the temptation of rushing home to hop into your pjs, with a nice cuppa and a good book.

When all of the “parts” that we are made up of aren‘t present and working together in that moment, then we can‘t possibly be in or enjoy the moment.  When our breath is a steady, continuous stream combined with a non strenuous pose and a relaxed mind, it is then that the party is a big hit!